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Welcome to Upala Agricola​

Half of Costa Rica’s fresh pineapple export goes to the U.S. market, while the other half enters both the European market and other destinations in the rest of the world.

At Upala Agrícola, we understand that pineapple is a product for which Costa Rica stands out as the protagonist and that it constitutes a vital sector for the Costa Rican economy. For these reasons, we take care of bringing pineapple exports to levels of excellence, with environmental harmony and corporate social responsibility.

Our Company

Upala Agrícola is an agro-industrial company located in the northern part of the country, in the canton of Upala, Alajuela. Our crops have an area that exceeds 2,000 hectares dedicated to the production and export of fresh pineapple. 

“The production and export of fresh pineapple to the most important and demanding international markets demonstrates our commitment to excellence in every day. For this reason, the development of our activity is carried out taking into account the protection of the environment, support to neighboring communities and the attention of the highest standards of quality and safety, principles that are part of the company’s socio-environmental and quality policies”.

social responsability

At Upala Agrícola, we incorporate CSR as a policy within the business strategy, we work to promote development, strengthen the well-being of the human resource, provide quality products, expand investment in the communities where we have a presence, we favor the defense of the environment, we ensure compliance with legislation and respect ethical principles.

As the largest employer in the area, we seek to build partnerships with institutions of the Government, Municipalities, students from schools and colleges, as well as develop close relationships with community leaders.

The good neighbor actions developed by Upala Agrícola seek to benefit the community and respond to the needs of the area. Improving infrastructure in educational centers, cooperation with the national health system and road repair include some of the areas in which we provide our support.


To be a production company, processor, and marketer of fresh pineapple, which seeks a continuous improvement in its processes to provide our customers with a product with the highest standards of quality and safety. We do this within a sustainable development framework, supporting neighboring communities, protecting the environment and our staff.


To be a company with leadership in the production and marketing of fresh pineapple, using sustainable agricultural practices and satisfying the requirements of our clients.


  • Responsibility.
  • Honesty.
  • Respect.
  • Solidarity
  • Teamwork.
  • Commitment.


Our commitment to responsible and sustainable production, together with compliance with national and international requirements for pineapple production, have led us through a certification process with the highest levels and standards of quality and safety. To date, we have the following certifications:

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