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A conservationist vision is what characterizes Upala Agrícola. The implementation of good agricultural practices to promote the protection of nature resources and landscape beauty has been one of the main goals.

The contribution of species for the reforestation of the wooded areas and the barrier of the plots, was provided by the Professional Technical College (CTP) of Upala.

This is where the need to generate our own general resource is born.

In 2010 it started with the nursery itself as an effective alternative to meet the demands of the company.

Initially, the nursery had different native and fruity species, such as cocoa, orange, Chinese mammon, mango, avocado, pink apple. By then, there were about 2,000 trees. Today, the nursery has more than 15,000 and throughout the years more than 30,000 have been donated and planted on the farm itself.

Donations can be coordinated through Eco Efficiency department, at +506 2480-0100

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