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5 star award

Upala Agrícola decided to join the BAE program voluntarily in 2016. The main objective is to optimize the use of resources, to reduce pollution and lead this program for the benefit of the planet.

Ecological Blue Flag

During the year 2016, Upala Agrícola was awarded this seal becoming the first pineapple exporting company to obtain 5 stars in the Agricultural category. The achievement was not easy, but the challenge for the future is to maintain it through the commitment of all employees, the contribution of technology in reducing impacts to the environment and raising awareness in neighboring communities.

Environmental education

Upala Agrícola performs support programs to promote ecological blue flags in educational centers and other companies that wish to participate in the project.


It allows us to have monitoring and registry in the consumption of water, electricity, fuels, waste management, machinery, infrastructure, management of good agricultural practices and continuous improvement of processes and procedures in alignment with the sustainability policy of Upala Agrícola.

Waste management


Since 2019, it began the collection of waste responsibly and under the structuring of an initiative to value, reduce and use waste from the source of generation, managing to gradually reduce non-recoverable waste.


Amongst the objectives of this initiative are management, waste management and the achievement of an annual recovery goal.

Currently the waste is classified according to the National Strategy, which allows a homologation of the proper management, recovery, and classification; as well as, the generation of a sustainable environmental culture of the entire working population of Upala Agrícola and their families.

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