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Welcome to Upala Agrícola

Half of Costa Rica’s fresh pineapple exports goes to the US market, while the other half goes to the European market as well as to other destinations in the world.

In Upala Agrícola, we understand that Costa Rica is the world leader in fresh pineapple exports and know the industry is a vital part of our economy. For these reasons, our fresh pineapple exports are the result of high levels of excellence, environmental harmony and corporate social responsibility.


Be a leading company in the production and marketing of fresh pineapple, using sustainable agricultural practices and satisfying the requirements of our customers.


Be a fresh pineapple producing, processing and marketing company, which looks for continuous improvement in each of its processes in order to provide our customers of a product with the highest quality and innocuousness standards. We make this within a sustainable development framework, supporting neighboring communities, protecting environment and our staff.


  • Responsibility.
  • Honesty.
  • Respect.
  • Solidarity
  • Team Work.
  • Commitment.


    Upala Agrícola is an agribusiness company located in the northwest region of the country, in the canton of Upala, Alajuela. Our fields have an area that exceeds 2.000 hectares dedicated to the production and exports of fresh pineapple.

    "The production and exports of fresh pineapple to the most important and demanding international markets demonstrates our commitment to excellence in each one of the daily tasks. For this reason, the development of our activity is carried out taking into account the environmental protection, support of neighboring communities, and the attention of the highest standards of quality and safety. These are principles that are part of the social, environmental, and quality policies of the company."

    Quality Policy

    Sustainability Policy

    Our environmentally friendly operation is possible thanks to the valuable participation of a team made up by more than 900 men and women, who are our main resource, since they perform their duties efficiently with great commitment and devoted team work, while they make our company the largest employer in the area.


    In Upala Agrícola, the RSC is incorporated as the policy within the business strategy. We work to promote the development, strengthen the welfare of human resources, provide quality products, expand investment in the community, support the defense of the environment and the place where we operate, ensure the accomplishment of the legislation, and respect ethical principles.

    As the company is the largest employer in the area, it looks forward to create partnerships with Government institutions, the Local Government, Schools and High School students; there is also a close relationship with the community leaders. The actions of good neighbor developed by Upala Agrícola intend to benefit the community and respond to the needs of the area. The infrastructure improvement in Schools, the cooperation with the National Health System, and road reparation are some of the areas in which we offer our support.


    Our product is MD2 GOLD variety fresh pineapple, known as Piña Dorada or Golden Pineapple which is characterized by its sweetness, aroma, juiciness, and a creamy yellow color inside. These features make it the favorite of consumers in international markets.

    We produce pineapple in sizes ranging from 5 to 10. It is classified in those sizes according to their weight. The fruit is sold in a presentation with, or without crown.

    The packing process is carried out in our two packing plants, which have weight gauges to classify the fruit, cold systems in the packaging area, as well as pre-cooling tunnels, and storage chambers, where the product is preserved until the moment when the loads are released for their destination.

    Our pineapple is sold in supermarkets, either in its natural presentation or in presentations which enable the customers consumption.


    Over the years, as we grew up in this activity, our business portfolio has also done it and our product gets to the United States, the European Union, in the case of community members such as: Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece, and Italy. In addition, we cover other destinations such as Turkey and Canada.

    We maintain our interest about the study of new and emerging markets to take our product to other destinations and open new possibilities that allow us to continue to grow and produce the best pineapple in Costa Rica.

    In order to achieve this goal and have more direct contact with the end consumer, we have developed our own brand, UPALA GOLD, which we positioned hand to hand with customers who have seen it as an opportunity to develop the market with a high quality product. Currently, UPALA GOLD has a presence in markets such as Turkey, Spain, and France, mainly.


    Our commitment to responsible and sustainable production, along with the fulfillment of the requirements at national and international level for the production of pineapple, has led us through a process of certification with the highest levels and standards of quality and safety. Up to date, we have the following certifications:



    ISO 14001





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